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One Wild Designs is your hub for everything you need to make handknit garments that fit perfectly, reflect your identity, and never hit the closet floor.

Bess and Candace sit on a sofa footstool, grinning at the camera. Bess wears a light pink version of the Carol Bralette with matching sweatpants. Candace wears a light purple bralette, knit with a white speckled band and straps, with matching purple pants.


We believe a pattern should be designed for human bodies, be uncompromising in the pursuit of the best fit possible, and be effortless to follow.

But it also needs to be as unique as you are, to play a role in your real-life wardrobe, and to spark euphoria when you slip it on.

We do that with size-inclusive design, modification friendly garments, and clear, robust pattern writing.

A One Wild knitting pattern makes a promise, and it keeps it.

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  • Jen and Bess stand next to an outdoor mural. They are both grinning, and lean together with their heads touching. They both wear soft, fluffy drop shoulder knits.

    One Wild Broadcast

    Sometimes we just can't say it all in an email. The One Wild Broadcast is your invitation into our studios for talk about fit, modifications, the design process, and more.

    Grab your knitting, and let's get into it!

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  • Courtney, who has pink hair and matching pink glasses, holds a lace knit pouch open. Inside the pouch are two brightly coloured tarot cards.


    Looking for like-minded, thinky knitters to bounce ideas off, share your WIPs, or ask for help? The One Wild Slack group is all that and more. If you're making your own clothes, you can stitch with us!

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  • Jen, laughing and leaning against a black brick wall, wears a fluffy knit hoodie. The hoodie is made with white yarn and a contrasting black hood and kangaroo pocket, with neon pink sweater strings.


    Like visiting your local yarn store to ask for help! We offer 1:1 sessions over Zoom for knitters to help you get your best fit ever. You don't have to be working a One Wild pattern to get a One Wild fit!

    Learn with us 
  • Jen and Bess stand in front of a wall mural, laughing. Bess wears a lace knit cream tank top under a purple-pink knit ballet wrap with a pair of navy pants. Beside her, Jen wears a zip knit sweater, knit with purple yarn in a seed stitch pattern and a V-neckline, along with acid wash black denim jeans.


    We love meeting you in person! Right now, we're booking tickets for an Evening with Jen and Bess at Moon and Yarn Craft Room in Pittsburgh, PA on Monday, February 19th. Tickets are $20.

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