Winter '24 Class Collection

We're committed to helping you create the handmade wardrobe of your dreams, and that means stocking your toolkit with everything you need to execute garments that showcase your identity, fit you perfectly, and never hit the closet floor.

The Winter '24 Class Collection gets you there with six online classes.

Maybe you're looking for something hands-on (like mastering bust darts or learning to decrease and increase in lace). Maybe you want more confidence that your cast-on will turn out the way you expect. Or maybe you're new to fit and really need to know exactly how all those schematic measurements apply to YOUR body.

Wherever you are in your knit or fit journey, there's a class for you. Join us virtually to dive deep into your next adventure in knitting.

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  • A woman's arm with tattoos holds a ball of pink yarn with knitting needles. A dressmaker's tape measure is spooled in her hand and drapes towards the bottom of the frame.

    Reading Schematics

    If you're interested in fit, you've probably heard the advice to check the schematic. But, schematics can be overwhelming if you're not sure where to start or what the labels on the schematic may correspond to on your body.

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  • Botanically dyed non superwash yarn for hand knitting framed in an urban window.

    Judging Patterns

    How often have you knit a sweater from a pattern, only to find that it looks nothing like the modeled photos? Or to wear it, only to find that it's not designed with human bodies in mind?

    After taking this class, you'll be able to look at a pattern listing online and know what you can expect from the finished project.

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  • Bess stands at a 3/4 angle to the camera, wearing a cream colored lace knit sweater, the Mary Raglan.

    Working with Lace and Texture

    You don't need to be intimidated by all-over lace and texture! Garment knitting with an all-over texture can be one of the trickiest bits of knitting to master; yet, once you get the hang of it you'll forget you ever struggled!

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  • A Better Fitting Sweater

    Knitting is most satisfying when you can cast on with confidence that your finished product will fit you and get worn again and again.

    This class is designed to give you the tools to do just that.

    We'll cover taking measurements, choosing a size, and broadly cover different kinds of adjustments and modifications you can make.

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  • Take Better Photos of Your Knits

    Have you ever found yourself frustrated by the underwhelming pictures you've just taken in your handknit garment? After putting so many hours into a garment with great fit and advanced techniques, you deserve great photos!

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  • A Better Fit with Bust Darts

    If you have breasts, you can almost certainly benefit from tweaking your knits by adding bust darts.

    This class is designed to help you understand bust darts - when they're helpful, how to make them, adding them to an existing pattern, and more.

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