User Experience (UX) Knit: Who Could Stay

An irresistible textured pullover

We think everyone deserves a lightweight textured pullover. In lofty Rambouillet Sport from Forest Lane Fiber, Who Could Stay boasts a classic folded crewneck and seamless set-in sleeves.

Unlike our other patterns, this sweater is graded on a men's sizing chart. That means it does not widen as dramatically from the shoulders to the bust, it's designed to fit a taller frame, has wider shoulders, a taller neck rise, and a deeper armhole. Like our other patterns, Who Could Stay does include optional bust darts.

Please note that this is an explicitly gender-inclusive project.

The yarn used in this project is Forest Lane Fiber Co Rambouillet sport. We never require you to use the yarn we used and encourage you to use yarn that suits your budget. If you choose to use this yarn Larissa is offering a special pre-order with sweater-quantity discounts on a sliding scale.

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Everything you need to know

We've created a brief for you with everything you need to decide if this project is right for you. Inside, you'll find the illustrated schematic, yardage, fit guidance and needles.

What is a UX Knit?

We're committed to creating patterns that make a promise and keep it.

Our pre-release process includes inviting a group of knitters to experience the final, edited draft of the pattern. They receive a copy of the pattern, access to a super supportive knitalong group, and are encouraged to make fit mods to create their dream project (and the designer is available to coach on that as needed). In exchange, we ask for feedback on their experience with the pattern.

UX means user experience, and that's the point of this process. We work with our tech editor on all the numbers, the fit and grade, and all the other technical aspects of the pattern. But what we really want to know is how the pattern holds up to real-life use. That's why knitters are encouraged to make the pattern work for their measurements, their yarn choices, etc.

For us, this process is all about creating a fair exchange of value with the UX knitter. We're there to cheer you on and help you reach your knitting goals. 

When I build our teams, we start first with folks who support us on Kofi on a monthly basis. We're committed to creating paywall-free educational resources for knitters and designers, and we're able to do that because of the support we receive on Kofi (and we'd love to be able to do more of it!). So those folks get first dibs on UX knitting.

About this UX Knit

This UX Knit will be run on Slack. Slack is free to join and offers chat rooms by topic. Pattern files, errata, and chat will be hosted in private channels there. Knitters are free to ask questions in the project Slack channel, or to DM me in Slack if that is more comfortable.

We expect to have the pattern to knitters by . The project will conclude on

We are seeking 1-2 knitters per size and will be choosing knitters so that multiple cup sizes are represented.

Collaborative Knitting

A fun, supportive, productive Knit depends on clear expectations between the designer and Knitters. Here's what you can expect from the designer and what we are counting on from you:

  • You will receive a fully tech-edited pattern.
  • The designer will make their best effort to respond to questions as quickly as possible and agree to respond to questions within 2 business days, absent an emergency or pre-communicated time away.
  • We will post any adjustments/errata that surface during the project; if we make a big change or correction, we will post a revised file.
  • You will receive a credit on our pattern webpage.
  • We will moderate a space free from hate speech, expressly including but not limited to racist, ableist, fatphobic, homophobic or transphobic speech.
  • It's important for us to see the fit of the sweater on a body. Knitters agree to complete their sweaters and provide a modeled photo and feedback by the last day of the UX Knit. Modeled photos can be cropped to exclude the model's face.

Although we need to see modeled photos to assess the pattern's success, you are under no obligation to share photos for marketing purposes or to have a public Instagram. Having said that - if you're okay with us sharing your photos we love to do so! We know that knitters of all shapes and sizes benefit from having lots of photos of sweaters on bodies out in the world, and we're honored to partner with you in sharing your work to that end.

  • Knitters agree to create and block a swatch.
  • Knitters agree to communicate throughout, including letting us know if something has come up that will prevent them from completing the project on time. Things happen, we are human, and we definitely understand! With a long UX Knitting period, we can sometimes fill a dropped spot with a replacement, and we truly appreciate knitters who are able to let us know when something does come up for them.
  • Fit modifications are always welcome in our projects.
  • We rely on knitters to provide feedback about the accuracy and clarity of the instructions, the fit of the final garment, and the amount of yarn used in yards or meters.  Projects are considered finished once the feedback form is complete.

Knitters who complete the UX Knit will receive another of the designer's self-published patterns for free, in addition to a final version of Who Could Stay. If you wish to waive your thank-you pattern, we would be very pleased to provide a copy of Who Could Stay to a friend instead.